Imhoff Waldorf School Launches our Global Fundraising Campaign

Imhoff Waldorf School to raise R7-million in 700 hours to initiate build visionary eco-school

generosity screen grabThis is the press release for our wonderful new initiative:

Imhoff Waldorf School located on the Southern Peninsula in the Western Cape, South Africa has launched an urgent campaign to raise R7-million foundational “cornerstone capital” to secure its dream of building a visionary permanent home after 21-years of commitment to alternative education for its diverse community.

The non-profit and non-denominational school has embarked on an ambitious campaign dubbed ‘Triple Seven’ or #DTPTriple7 to secure its speedy interim transition to its new land in order to secure the eventual building of a permanent school on its own premises. The Triple7 campaign is spearheaded by the Dragon Tree Project, which aims to build the new permanent eco-school on the new, school-owned land by end of 2019.

After 21 years of pioneering commitment and hard work, it’s a coming of age, the year in which the school receives the “key” to the land which it has purchased. Over these past 21 years, a strong and viable pre- and primary school have been established and the high school venture was launched some 7 years ago. An unexpected turn of external events beyond the school’s control has threatened the Dragon Tree Project, necessitating a transition to the new land sooner than anticipated. This may impact the sustainable future of the school, if the school doesn’t raise this R7-million “cornerstone capital” by the end of May 2017.

The independent Waldorf schooling system, offers a multi-dimensional approach to education and the Imhoff Waldorf school in Kommetjie, Cape Town is home to some 300 students, with a proactive diversity sponsorship program funding annual school fees for some 10% of enrolments and parents and teachers coming from all cross sections of the local community.

“Our founding Triple 7 campaign and visionary Dragon Tree Project coincides with Waldorf Education’s global centenary celebrations in 2019,” according to Francis Jackson, chairman of the Board of Management at Imhoff Waldorf School. “Our fundraising team is working hard on our capital campaign for the new build.  However, due to external factors beyond our control, our Primary and High School have to move to the new site sooner than anticipated. Sadly whilst operationally profitable and viable, and the financing of the new land firmly in place, the school’s operating reserves cannot facilitate the move and the building of the new school campus from Toddler to High School Matriculant (ages 2-19) within the now strenuous timelines.”
He explains: “With more than 1100 schools and 1700 pre-schools in over 80 countries, our visionary Dragon Tree Project forms part of a global legacy in Waldorf’s Schooling System, bringing our 21 year old Cape-based school to its full potential.”
“Our school receives no funding from the Department of Education, who are at present struggling to meet the demands of youth education and most specifically within the Southern Peninsula where demand significantly exceeds delivery.
Jackson says, “our aim is to build an eco-school campus on our own land that will assist in firstly, alleviating demand in the area and at the same time provide an alternative way of education to build future leaders.”
“The immediate need”, he explains, “is to secure the school’s future on the new land, with the necessary base operating infrastructure established and in place by mid 2017. The R7-million “cornerstone capital” will essentially ‘buy time’ and allow us to facilitate the move of the school to the new land and allow us to embark on further fundraising initiatives to secure the sustainable future of the permanent eco-school.”
“To raise the capital in such a very tight timeline we have launched a crowd-funding campaign both locally and globally and will be tapping into our wide network of famous alumni,” he says. “We believe as a school we have an important part to play in rebuilding our nation and its humanity and by 2019 Imhoff Waldorf School will be well on its way to securing its sustainable future, for many generations to come.”

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