Dragon Tree Project – Building Our Future

The Imhoff Waldorf School is very excited to formally announce our Dragon Tree Project, Imhoff Waldorf’s School Building and Development project. Over the past 5 years the School’s Board of Managers (BOM), together with a core team of project managers, have been working relentlessly on realising the dream of owning a permanent home for our school.

In 2015 the Board of Management secured an option to purchase prime land located behind our primary school which will enable us to grow our school to over the next three to five years. Regular updates on the Dragon Tree Project will be emailed to you via our school newsletter, via our website and through parent information letters.

Should you have any ideas you would like us to consider, please feel free to contact Claire Lacey, our Chairwoman, who will be actively working with the Dragon Tree Project team to turn our vision into a reality.

It is an incredible milestone to officially announce this development to our parents who have been dedicated supporters of our school over the past 20 years and we take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment and support. For more information regarding this project, kindly email Claire Lacey on clairel@imhoffwaldorf.org

Dragon Tree Project Roundup 7
After some much needed rain this week, the new property is showing its gratitude with greens popping up around the earth in the shadows of the trees. The life that rain brings reminds us again of untouched beauty of our new school’s home. Our container arrived on Tuesday! The container will be used for storage of equipment and building materials for the Dragon Tree Project. Our architect, Keith Struthers, will be developing plans for the buildings on site, to ensure he works with the land every step of the way. To start off we are in need of 1000 pine logs. These logs need to be 3 to 3.6 meter in length, debarked and treated. Any connections in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Contact the DTP team if you have any questions on 021 783 4237. Building Team: Stefani Roux, David Evans, Francis Lacey and Mark Botha. Fundraising and Marketing: Claire Alberts, Claire Lacey and Jolene du Plessis