Class 8 Chemistry of Food Main Lesson

At the end of term 1, Class 8 had their Chemistry of Food Main Lesson.  Not only does this lesson demonstrate the link between chemistry and cooking and the basic chemical reactions between different food types, it also teaches the young teenager some cooking skills, how to work in a cooking team and the very important aspect of cleaning up!  This year’s class 8’s rose to the challenge brilliantly and even took the experience one step further by having their own cooking “competition.  Mystery ingredients were brought in and assigned to each team and from these they had to conjure a delicious (and edible) dish!  They showed wonderful creativity, interest and ably demonstrated their growing food knowledge.  And – best of all, they cleaned up beautifully after themselves – let’s hope this ethos continues at home!

Here we have Blaze Pereira Do Coito, Jared Morkel, Thomas Dehning and Christelle Kleinhans standing behind their dish which won for “best presentation”.  Roxanne Silberbauer, Kitana Kissoglou and Katy Rosselli won for “best complete dish”.  Mila Germond, Zarin Wolff and Layla Cimma leapt to the challenge of creativity by deep frying mango coated in chickpea flour.  This garnered them the award for “most creative dish”.  Reuben Jenkins – Bate, Oscar Dooley, Travis Pearce and Lao Wright produced the”most tasty meal” producing crispy fried onions which were a great hit.

As their final project for this Main Lesson, students had to cook meals for their families, record their recipes and – again – clean up.  Jared Morkel went the extra mile here, and created a mini restaurant for the evening.  Needless to say he received an A+ for his project!

This Main Lesson is fun but also, as always, teaches important practical life skills.  It serves to ground the class 8’s as they move into their next phase of schooling and helps them with the transition into high school.

by Janis Merand





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