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Joy with her kg class

Farewell Letter from Joy Levin

I have been at Imhoff Waldorf on and off for the last 11 years. It has been a spiritual home for me, my son, and a connection to a full feeling of community. During my studies, in 2002 I did my first year practicals here, in Cindy’s class, which at the time was combined with […]

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Introducing Caroline – Replacing Joy in the Kindergarten

I am happy to announce that Caroline Joseph will be replacing me as a kindergarten teacher in my class next year. Although it has been very difficult to conceive not spending every morning with these delightful children, I am happy that I can pass them on with confidence. Caroline Joseph, sometimes called Caz, worked 12 […]

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Pre playgroup

Four Unique Aspects of a Waldorf Kindergarten

Why does it feel so different, so special, in a Waldorf Kindergarten?  There is a peaceful quiet under the hum of activity and focus, the teachers speak and sing softly and the children move about the room with a comfortable confidence at any given moment. There are many things that contribute to this unique setting, […]

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Class 2 gnome

Class 2 Pedagogy

In Class 2 the children are deepened and enriched from what they had previously learnt in Class 1 and preschool. They are in their development more aware of what happens around them. Grade 2 is a time of virtue. They are in the polarity of the saints and the animals. Their higher spiritual nature and […]

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Class 5 camp 1

Class 5 camp in the Cederberg

The 24 children in Class 5 experienced four very special nights camping under the stars in the wilderness of the Cederberg Mountains. Thanks to our parents – Debbie, Pierre, David, Christine, Alison, Linda and Gerald – the catering, transport and fabulous itinerary of adventurous activities ran smoothly (despite extreme heat and a thunderstorm of note). […]

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Glenda Class 4 2016

Farewell to Glenda

Glenda has been an integral part of the life of Imhoff Waldorf  School. She has always involved herself completely in every aspect of the school. She  has carried a deep commitment in her being to meet whatever challenges that have come her way, with courage of heart and strength of mind. Glenda has been warm, […]

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Glenda Class 5

Farewell Letter From Glenda

At this time of each year an important gathering of our Kindergarten and Primary School teachers takes place. Our newly appointed Class 1 teacher (Shelby Hadwen) is an integral part of this meeting as we focus our attention on the newly forming ‘constellation’ of little stars who will become the Class 1 group of 2018. […]

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Class 7 play

Class 7 Play: ‘Gallileo Galilei’

The Class 7’s of 2017 shared a brilliant performance of the play ‘Gallileo Galilei’ on a chilly Wednesday evening in October. From the moment one walked into the Movement Room, one was transported back in history – to the time of the Renaissance. The simple black back-drop, scattered with shimmering stars, and the Leaning Tower of […]

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Mary-Anne Class 6

Farewell to Mary-Anne, Class 7 teacher

You have been an inspiration to the teachers at Imhoff Waldorf School for the kind, caring and conscientious way in which you hold both your students and colleagues.  Your love of music and singing will continue to resonate throughout the school. We will never forget the moments during Assembly when the room was filled with the harmony of […]

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The joys of teaching handwork

I love seeing the children in a completely new light in handwork sessions. Some children surprise themselves and their peers with their capacity to do intricate handwork and their willingness to persevere. This is a wonderful discovery! I have also seen children bring the same process that results in them struggling in other classes, to […]

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Bilquis Pandey

Bilqis Pandey, our new Teacher Assistant

We are delighted to welcome Bilqis Pandey to the Imhoff Waldorf School as our Assistant Teacher in January 2018. For the past year Bilqis has been an assistant teacher at Michael Oak where she has discovered that her wish is to help each child thrive and realise their strengths and to work with developing their […]

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Class 8 2

Class 8 Camp at Breede Escape, Bonnievale

This camp was wonderful and relaxed; there were many bonding activities, swims, conversations, amazing meals and shooting stars. – Mila The camp was different from my previous school camps. Everyone seemed to grow up and become their own individual selves. – Oscar I felt like we all bonded more on camp than at school and […]

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class 9 1

Class 9 Petervale Camp Highlights

Camp was epic, it was nice and chilled. I enjoyed spending time with my mates. We had so much fun canoeing and the place was so beautiful and peaceful. We were surrounded by nature, no electronics. I woke up early every morning just to listen to the birds. There was also a waterfall which had […]

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Parsival end

Class 10 Parsival Experience

The Class 10s were feeling bereft of not having a Parsival Main Lesson next year due to the closure of the High School. Since they are of the most kind-hearted, wise young people I have had the privilege of teaching we decided to undertake this 13th century grail legend that tells of a young knight […]

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Vanessa is looking for work next year

Vanessa Sijore, who has been the housekeeper at the high school for the last five years has been retrenched as of the 8 December when the high school closes its doors. She has been a most reliable, charming and hardworking member of the high school staff and all of the teachers will miss her terribly […]

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