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A Letter of Assurance from our Board

Dear Parents and Staff We’d like to thank those parents who attended the AGM last Saturday, and who consciously brought their concerns and queries to be addressed. In the words of one parent: “I was very thankful I attended the AGM on Saturday and was given the opportunity to voice my concerns. It was informative […]

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Imhoff Waldorf School Launches our Global Fundraising Campaign

Imhoff Waldorf School to raise R7-million in 700 hours to initiate build visionary eco-school This is the press release for our wonderful new initiative: Imhoff Waldorf School located on the Southern Peninsula in the Western Cape, South Africa has launched an urgent campaign to raise R7-million foundational “cornerstone capital” to secure its dream of building […]

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Francis Jackson, Francis Lacey, Claire Lacey and Adrian Connors

Fundraising kicked off with a bang at the AGM!

At Saturday’s AGM  R110 000 was donated on-the-spot from 3 parents! Adrian Connors and Francis Lacey each contributed R50 000 to the new DTP Triple 7 campaign, while chairman of the board, Francis Jackson added R5 000. Thank you! It would be wonderful if every family in the school gave whatever they can to this […]

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Many of these dear children are now in Class 8 in our high school

Ten Years Later – a plea from one of our parents

Nearly 10 years ago, the Dragon Tree Project was conceived.  As a physical manifestation of this intention to own land and build a school, trays of indigenous saplings were purchased and distributed amongst the pre- and primary school classes.  These seedlings, only a few centimetres tall at the time, were to be nurtured by the […]

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Have you heard about Waldorf Education?

by Jeff Tunkey    (Read the article online here) Or, more to the point, WHAT have you heard about Waldorf Education? My teaching friends and I have grinned or grimaced
 through so many depictions that are funny, off-base, mystifying, mortifying or exasperating that I want to try to ‘set the record straight’. Here are some of […]

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Class 12 Biology Main Lesson

by Charisse Louw We began this Main Lesson by remembering our Biology journey through High School — the skeleton in Class 8, the Hearts and Lungs in Class 9, Reproduction in Class 10, Botany in Class 11 —  and then looking at the animal life around us. Students were asked to creatively organize a tree […]

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Join us for our annual Art Auction in beautiful new venue!

Please join us for an adult evening of entertainment at our Pre-school Art Auction on Saturday 10th June at the beautiful Cape Point Vineyards. Viewing is from 17h30 and the live auction starts at 18h30. Our talented parents have created a piece of art, craft, furniture, toys, ceramics and much more which will be auctioned […]

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Places Available in our Pre-School

“The pre-school years, the kindergarten years, (the years before formal schooling) are the most important of all in the education of the child”. – Rudolf Steiner One of the particularly inspiring features of Waldorf education is the emphasis on free creative play, which is considered to be the ‘work’ of the young child. Creative play […]

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Zip Zap Circus 2017

Come to the Zip Zap Circus Show

Zip Zap Circus is a social circus that was founded in Cape Town in 1992, to inspire young people and help build a new culture of peaceful coexistence in South Africa. Working with a diverse community of children from all backgrounds, Zip Zap helps kids to ‘dare to dream’ and learn to make those dreams […]

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Please Join our Craft Group!

Dear Parents and Teachers Having a Craft Stall at the Spring Fair showcases our school; provides quality toys and equipment for our community; and can be very profitable! The Internal Fundraising Team are planning for the Spring Fair and understand that a successful Craft Stall will bring us closer to meeting the annual target for fundraising. Two mums […]

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easter fest 1


On the 31 March 2017 the Primary School celebrated their Easter Festival. The autumn mood was set by the weather which was chilly and grey with hints of blessed rain that fell from the overcast sky. The theme for the Festival was gratitude and sharing. After verses and morning autumn singing the children busied themselves […]

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